Gold wedding ring sets or silver wedding rings : Which is preferable to give as a gift?

wedding ring sets

A wedding ring always raises one of the most frequent doubts among those who face such an important moment as marriage: is it better a gold or a silver wedding ring sets? From Toledo Jewelry we want to offer you our experience and advice to clarify this point so you can make the best possible gift for such a special moment. 

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Price should be taken into account

When choosing a gold or silver wedding ring, the most advisable is, first of all, to take into account the question of price. Indeed, the most advisable option will be, first of all, the one that suits our own needs and budget. 

However, we must say that in our catalog you can find quite affordable gold wedding rings depending on the size and its composition: in the case of nine carat gold its price is quite tight.

In the case of silver wedding rings, they are more economical than gold ones. 

Therefore, among them we can choose from a greater number of designs compared to those that are made with gold metal: in one case we will have, therefore, a gold jewelry that in the case of nine carat gold will be very affordable and, in the other, we have silver wedding ring sets that are less expensive than gold and, consequently, give us a greater game when choosing design.

Resistance and maintenance

Another factor to consider when choosing between gold or silver wedding rings is the resistance and maintenance they require. In this sense, silver offers greater advantages than gold. With it, in addition to being able to access a wider range of possible designs thanks to having a more affordable price than gold, we can also have a more resistant wedding ring than those made of gold, a much softer material.

In addition, it should be noted that silver does not require maintenance. Except in pieces that have a high percentage of it and that have to blacken do not require maintenance over time, so it will not be necessary to treat it generally.

However, nine karat gold, although it is the most affordable and lower priced type, does require more maintenance and is in fact more fragile than silver. So when choosing between gold or silver wedding rings, we must also take this factor into account. In the case of eighteen karat gold, it does not require any maintenance and will remain in perfect condition for a lifetime. 

Variety in gold wedding rings

As we have said, the more affordable price of silver wedding ring sets means that we can access a greater number of designs. However, we must also remember that gold wedding rings can offer us different options thanks to the existence of white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and new variants that have appeared in recent years and that give us more freedom. 

For example, here we talk about the benefits and meaning of rose gold. So, regardless of your tastes, you will most likely be able to choose the ring that best suits your own preferences.